Report Shows Kenyans Lead In Using TikTok Worldwide

Kenyan TikTok Users Lead the Global Rankings, Supported by Reuters Institute Digital News Reports 2023 Poll

The recent release of the Reuters Institute Digital News Reports 2023 poll confirms that Kenya boasts the highest number of top TikTok users worldwide, signaling a significant shift in the social media landscape.

According to the survey, a substantial 54% of TikTok usage in Kenya is dedicated to general purposes, while 29% is specifically devoted to news consumption. South Africa follows closely behind, with 50% of usage for general purposes and 22% for news. Thailand and Peru also exhibit high TikTok usage for both general purposes (51% and 48% respectively) and news consumption (30% for both countries).

TikTok, initially launched by ByteDance, a Chinese video hosting service, with the primary aim of entertaining users, has now emerged as a prominent platform for news distribution. The survey reveals a remarkable shift in the social media landscape, as Facebook, once dominating the field, is experiencing a decline in popularity, while TikTok, especially among younger viewers, is gaining momentum as a news source.

Furthermore, the Digital News Reports 2023 highlights that TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat users tend to prioritize content from celebrities and social media influencers over traditional media companies in terms of news topics. This trend stands in stark contrast to legacy social networks like Facebook and Twitter, where news organizations still hold the majority of attention and drive conversations.

TikTok continues to outpace other social networks in terms of growth, solidifying its position as the fastest-growing platform. Impressively, 44% of users engage with TikTok, primarily among the 18-24 age group. Its popularity extends across Asia, Latin America, and Africa, with significant usage in these regions.

The report also points to a growing tendency among audiences to selectively avoid somber news stories, such as the rising cost of living, as they seek to safeguard their mental well-being. This behavior reflects a desire to reduce exposure to depressing news and prioritize personal mental health.

In conclusion, the Reuters Institute Digital News Reports 2023 poll reinforces the prominence of Kenya as the global leader in TikTok usage. With a significant proportion of TikTok activity dedicated to news consumption, coupled with the platform’s rapid growth and popularity among younger audiences, it is evident that TikTok is transforming the way news is disseminated and consumed in various parts of the world.