I Caught My Own Girlfriend Using Her Menstrual Blood To Cook For Me

A Software Engineer with a passion for art recently recounted a unique incident that led him to end his budding relationship with his girlfriend.

Chizom took to Twitter to share the reason behind his decision to break up with his ex-girlfriend, responding to a survey about why men cease communication with their romantic interests. Upon encountering the tweet, he decided to share his unsettling experience.

According to Chizom, he returned home to surprise his then-girlfriend and was shocked to discover her washing her menstrual blood into a pot of rice she was preparing for him.

In his tweet, he expressed, “The first time she was cooking for me, she washed off the blood from her menstrual pad and poured the water into the rice she was cooking for me. I came back home just to surprise her and caught her in the act.”

Apparently, the woman’s friends had advised her to incorporate her menstrual blood into the food as a means of spiritually gaining control over her man’s life.

“And if you all think this is a joke, the lady was Ghanaian, and her friend advised her to do it,” he added.

Instances of such actions have occasionally been shared by several women, particularly in Africa, who have either engaged in this practice themselves or witnessed their friends doing so in an attempt to win over their partners.

This behavior is believed to make the man deeply enamored, ignoring other potential partners and remaining devoted to the person who performed the ritual. However, individuals who engage in such practices are often perceived as opportunistic, seeking financial benefits from their relationships and leaving their partners stranded once their goals are fulfilled.