“I can’t fight for a woman” – DJ Bonez tells his wife Kamene Goro

The performer commented during Kamene and Obinna’s podcast, expressing his perspective on not jeopardizing his well-being or engaging in physical altercations on behalf of his spouse, as he deems such actions unworthy.

DJ Bonez emphasized his self-respect and held the belief that a woman should be free to choose the man she loves for marriage.

“I don’t have the inclination to engage in fights, especially for a woman. I value my self-respect… A woman should have the autonomy to select the man she genuinely loves,” he articulated.

The query arose regarding the sincerity of his affection for her.

The prominent media personality inquired whether he would refrain from defending her if another man behaved inappropriately by making physical advances.

“Would you abstain from defending me, even if another gentleman made unwarranted advances?” she posed.

In response, Bonez provided clarification, indicating that while he might not partake in fighting, he would still offer her protection.

Drawing a parallel, the skilled entertainer invoked the analogy of the renowned boxer Mike Tyson, suggesting that combativeness is more suited for individuals like him.

“I may not engage in physical combat, but I would certainly safeguard you. The act of fighting, however, is more fitting for individuals akin to Tyson,” he elaborated.