Real Reason Behind the Rushed Burial of Socialite Starlet Wahu?

On Saturday morning, the citizens of Kenya were shocked by distressing news concerning the brutal demise of socialite Starlet Wahu, who happened to be the sister of Pastor Victor Kanyari.

Reports indicated that Wahu had been discovered murdered in a South B neighborhood AirBnB residence, bearing the brutality of a knife attack, alongside a man captured on CCTV entering the room with her.

In a surprising turn of events, the family opted to conduct the burial of the 24-year-old beauty on the very same Saturday, mere hours after her tragic passing.

This unexpected sequence of events left a multitude of individuals on social media in a state of bewilderment, with numerous queries arising about the haste of her funeral preceding the completion of investigations.

Some even speculated that there might be an attempt to conceal certain details, particularly given the Kanyari family’s unfamiliarity with Islamic principles, a faith recognized for its swift burial practices.

The laid-to-rest ceremony for Wahu took place on Saturday afternoon at the family’s Kamulu farm in Nairobi County, attended predominantly by close family members.

The expeditious burial prompted a range of reactions from Kenyans on the X platform, reflecting their surprise and concerns:

“I’m curious to see how the eulogy was written, please,” remarked Benson Mwiti.

“Such speed; I thought she had passed away just yesterday or the day before,” commented Polo Kimanii.

“The rapidity is suspicious; what could they be trying to conceal from us?” questioned Musau Eric.

“It seems like they’re attempting to salvage their reputation, but unfortunately, they’re too late,” observed Wangui Macharia.

“This highlights that funerals should be private family affairs, not chaotic or public. A dignified farewell, where decorum does not equate to extravagance,” emphasized Ian Ogwa Ketenyi.

“Let this be a lesson that the value of life is truly appreciated when one is alive,” concluded Duncan Kenya.