Fans Congratulate "Baba Njeri"

Fans Congratulate “Baba Njeri”

Karen Nyamu welcomed her third-born child to the world. Karen had ealier mentioned that she would call her child Njeri, and fans have been congratulating Samidoh by referring to him as “Baba Njeri”, despite the fact that he asserted that he wasn’t the dad.

Karen began the discussion when she released a video on TikTok regarding how when a man and a lady head out in a different direction, the woman flourishes and has a better life while the man shrinks, loses all, and becomes hopeless.

Many have been following the turmoil between the two have deciphered this as an immediate hit at Samidoh, with whom they have split up.

Samidoh was not going to let it go unnoticed, as he was prepared to make a comeback on the same stage. A few hours later, he shared a video of a song with the appropriate message for Karen.

As per the lyrics, he has been quiet all through the entirety of the strife, however Karen has been testing his patience. He likewise expressed that assuming her motivation is to reunite with him, it won’t happen.

Samidoh also included the caption ‘Ndikurera shifta,’ which means he will not raise a child who is not his. This shows that Samidoh has had reservations about Karen’s unborn kid not being his.

Fans give their opinion

Indeed, even after Samidoh claimed that he was not the dad, his followers are as yet persuaded that he is. At the point when Samidoh took to his Instagram to share a new photograph of himself, fans took to the comment section to tell him their opinion on the situation.

As ealier referenced, most fans were alluding to him as “Baba Njeri” and that implies Njeri’s dad.

Different fans proceeded to offer Samidoh some advice. One fan noticed that it’s not Karen Nyamu’s responsibility to compel him to go and see his newborn child.

Another fan pointed out that Samidoh should start playing his fatherly duties by going to visit Karen and gatting some diapers for his child.