“Nipee Mimba Nitalea” Hot Kenyan Lady Begs KRG To Impregnate Her

Claris, a woman from Kenya, has recently joined the growing list of women who have developed a strong admiration for the popular Kenyan dancehall artist, Krg the Don. Beyond his immense wealth, Krg’s appealing appearance has managed to capture the hearts of countless women, leading them to fall deeply in love with him.

Claris has openly expressed her long-standing infatuation with Krg the Don, referring to him as the man of her dreams. She has even revealed her current desire, which is to have a child with him.

In a bold move, Claris publicly declared her willingness to conceive a child with Krg the Don. She made it clear that she did not necessarily want Krg to be her husband, as all she desired was to obtain his sperm.

Claris firmly believes that Krg already has beautiful children, and it is her aspiration to have a child with him, confident that their offspring would also be adorable.

During an interview, Vincent Mboya, the host, felt compelled to make a live phone call to Krg. When Krg heard about Claris’ request, he was taken aback and expressed his lack of readiness to become a father again.

Krg proudly boasted about his children being born into wealth. He explained to Claris that fulfilling her request was not feasible. In response, Claris defended herself by claiming that she, too, was wealthy and capable of providing an extravagant lifestyle for their child. However, Krg remained resolute in his decision, stating that he already had enough children.

Despite the differing views, the conversation between Claris and Krg remained amicable. Krg assured Claris that he would discuss the matter with his girlfriend to see if they could find a way to meet her request. However, he made it clear that having a child with her was a boundary he was not willing to cross.

“You are a handsome man, and I love you. I only want your child. Let’s make things happen, just your seed,” the daring lady pleaded.