“Kazi ni madem na pombe”- Jose Katumbide Badly Blasts Katempa.

Musician Jose Katubidi has taken to his social media pages to expose Katempa for what he termed as high levels of unethical behaviors while at work.

Katubidi in a long post revealed that the two have a collaboration which was recorded in 2019 but due to Katempa’s high headedness, the song is yet to be released.

He added that while the two were in studio, Katempa only concentrate on chatting with ladies and partaking booze.

“OK it is true we have a collabo with Katempa. We started recording the song in 2019 mpaka sasa haijawahi toka juu tukiingia studio kazi yake Ni kuchat gals na pombe while am busy arranging the song with the producer #barakis wakiendelea kunitusi nitaachilia videos za studio sessions ndio tujue kati yangu na wao nani ako na Maringo🙄🙄

In a tackle, Katempa blasted Katubidi saying that he is only chasing clout.

“Jose Katumbide sasa Mimi niko na Maringo Kweli. Alafu pombe gani nilikunywa? Naona mpaka unaniita mtoi🤣..”

Whether this is just but another sibling rivalry or a publicity stunt, only time will tell.