“Heri nife nimuachie huyo jamaa!” Man cries out for help after discovering that his pregnant wife is cheating with another man -

“Heri nife nimuachie huyo jamaa!” Man cries out for help after discovering that his pregnant wife is cheating with another man

Esther Malika, a 20-year-old woman, appeared on the renowned Radio Jambo Patanisho show, hosted by Gidi Ogidi and Jacob ‘Ghost Mulee’, to make an earnest plea for reconciliation with her husband, Geoffrey Wamalwa. The couple, who have been facing domestic conflicts, aired their grievances during the show in an attempt to find common ground.

Esther shared that their home had been devoid of peace for the past week due to suspicions arising from her husband’s belief that she was engaged in extramarital affairs. The turmoil began after her husband observed her conversing with a young man who had shown interest in her.

“Peace has been elusive at home. Every time I go out, my husband grows suspicious. Upon my return, he’s upset, consumed by concerns fueled by rumors. Even when I’m truthful, he remains skeptical,” Esther narrated.

She continued, “Admittedly, he did catch me talking to someone, but his assumptions are unfounded. One day, a young man walked me home and attempted to flirt. I suggested a casual conversation while walking, with no romantic intentions. As we neared the gate, I noticed my husband. In an attempt to prevent a scene, I cautioned the young man against fleeing. This triggered my husband’s anger, and he desired a physical confrontation. I implored him not to, diffusing the situation. From then on, our home has been tense. While he uncovered the truth through investigation, I never denied it.”

Esther also confessed to placing a password on her phone after her husband had locked his own device.

When Geoffrey joined the conversation, he expressed his emotional distress, shedding light on his wife’s involvement in extramarital affairs.

“I’ve tried to dissuade my wife from these affairs, but my pleas fall on deaf ears. I even contemplated allowing her to be with that man. She seeks forgiveness, only to return to him. This man is local, while I come from Kitale. I’ve confronted him almost twice, the most recent instance being yesterday,” Geoffrey revealed.

He conveyed profound pain due to his wife’s infidelity, which was magnified by the fact that they share a child and she is also pregnant.

“For over three months, she’s been entangled with this man. Sleep has eluded me. I’m overwhelmed. I’d rather face death than continue enduring this ordeal. My loyalty stems from our child. We’ve persevered through thick and thin. She desires another’s love and contemplates leaving me,” Geoffrey lamented.

Even as his wife sought forgiveness, Geoffrey responded with a plea, “Why push me to the brink? I might perish because of you. I’ll grant you my forgiveness, but I foresee your rendezvous with that man. Night after night, you’re lost in conversation.”

Esther, however, implored her husband for forgiveness, emphasizing her desire not to burden him with stress. She conceded to her extramarital involvement but clarified its limited duration.

“Our involvement hasn’t been long-lasting. It’s behind us now,” she assured.

Accepting his wife’s apology, Geoffrey beseeched her to abstain from extramarital liaisons in their two-year marriage.

“Mama Joni, my affection for you as the mother of my children remains unwavering. I’ll never betray you. And you, cease these actions. You hold my heart,” Geoffrey expressed passionately.

Esther assured Geoffrey, saying, “Jeff, I promise I’ve terminated those connections today. My love for you is immeasurable.”

In a heartfelt exchange on the radio show, Esther and Geoffrey attempted to reconcile their differences and rebuild their relationship.