“We’ve decided to separate as a couple!” – Kagwe Mungai and Sharon Mwangi announce their break-up

Content creator Sharon Mwangi recently shared a heartfelt announcement on her Instagram page alongside her former partner, musician Kagwe Mungai. In a joint statement, they expressed their decision to part ways amicably, choosing to lovingly separate as a couple.

Preferring to share the news directly with their followers rather than have it potentially misrepresented elsewhere, Sharon and Kagwe emphasized the depth of their relationship and the love they still hold for each other. They acknowledged the extraordinary journey they’ve shared, characterized by profound affection, but noted that their love is evolving into a new phase, allowing each of them the opportunity to grow independently.

Despite their decision to pursue separate paths, Sharon and Kagwe emphasized the absence of animosity between them, likening their transition to that of close friends recognizing the need for individual space to pursue personal fulfillment.

In a gesture of gratitude to their supporters, Sharon and Kagwe thanked those who have stood by them, expressing appreciation for the encouragement and prayers they’ve received.

Although comments were disabled on their breakup announcement, fans took to social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter) to express their sentiments. The overwhelming response indicated the high regard in which the couple was held, with many feeling that their remarkable love story had come to an unexpected conclusion.

In conclusion, Sharon and Kagwe signed off with appreciation and love for their followers, marking the end of a chapter in their lives with grace and gratitude.