‘Mi nasupport LGBTQ sana’ – Bien voices his unwavering support for homosexuality -

‘Mi nasupport LGBTQ sana’ – Bien voices his unwavering support for homosexuality

Sauti Sol lead singer, Bien, recently expressed his support for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) community in Kenya. Speaking to TV47 from London, Bien shared his opinion on the LGBTQ debate that has been ongoing in Kenya since the Supreme Court allowed members of the community to register NGO groups.

He emphasized that he is a strong supporter of the homosexual community and believes that Kenyans should not be concerned with what individuals do in their bedrooms. Instead, he urged people to focus on more pressing issues in the country, such as corruption, economic empowerment, and proper education in schools. Bien expressed concern that the government was using the LGBTQ debate as a distraction from these issues.

Bien’s comments are especially significant in light of fellow Sauti Sol member, Chimano’s recent decision to publicly come out as gay. Chimano revealed his true sexuality while releasing his debut single ‘Friday Feeling’ in December 2021. The single was part of his EP, ‘Heavy is the Crown,’ which was released in early 2022. The EP, which consists of seven tracks, marked a new chapter for Chimano, as he is now openly embracing his sexuality.

Chimano explained that the song ‘Friday Feeling’ is about having a good time and embracing the feeling of freedom, regardless of one’s inhibitions. He encouraged people to be themselves, be extra, be alive, and free. His decision to come out publicly is a significant step in promoting LGBTQ visibility in Kenya, where homosexuality is still a taboo topic.