” Tutakuvalisha Panty ,Kashindane na Kaveve kazoze” Rosa Ree Disses Khaligraph Jones. -

” Tutakuvalisha Panty ,Kashindane na Kaveve kazoze” Rosa Ree Disses Khaligraph Jones.

The ongoing feud between Khaligraph Jones and several Tanzanian rappers is intensifying. This conflict emerged when the rapper known as OG, Khaligraph Jones, engaged in taunting all Tanzanian rappers and boldly declared his intention to dominate the rap music scene in Tanzania.

Among the aggrieved Tanzanian rappers, Rosa Ree, who had maintained silence for a considerable period, chose to capitalize on the situation by seizing the spotlight. She strategically released an exceptionally impressive freestyle diss aimed at Khaligraph Jones, thereby harnessing the attention.

In a teaser of his forthcoming diss track, Khaligraph Jones condescendingly remarked that Rosa Ree’s standing in the industry remains subpar, highlighting that her most recent successful track was in collaboration with Navy Kenzo. He questioned her lyrical prowess, suggesting that she should take a step back and refine her musical craft.

The feud escalated into a face-off between Khaligraph Jones and Rosa Ree. Responding to the derogatory comments from Khaligraph Jones, Rosa Ree unleashed a potent diss track titled ‘Mama Omollo.’

Within her song, Rosa Ree portrayed Khaligraph Jones in a demeaning light, drawing parallels between him and the fictitious character Ngesh Kaveve kazoze. She belittled the OG’s reputation and alleged that his fashion sense was the only noteworthy aspect about him. Through her lyrics, she facetiously likened Khaligraph Jones to a female artist and asserted that his skill set merely revolved around fast-paced rhyming rather than genuine rapping.

Rosa Ree boldly asserted her supremacy in the realm of East African rap, demanding Khaligraph Jones’ acknowledgment of her stature. She posited that it would take considerable time for him to even approach her level of expertise, underscoring her belief in her superiority over Khaligraph Jones.

However, in terms of accolades and achievements, Khaligraph Jones has clinched international awards and stands as one of the most accomplished rappers in Africa. Rosa Ree’s decision to engage in this conflict can be seen as a strategic move to rejuvenate her presence in the industry, particularly because she had faded from the spotlight for a noticeable duration. Even the Kenyan audience had started to lose sight of her prominence.

In conclusion, the ongoing clash between Khaligraph Jones and Rosa Ree highlights the competitive nature of the music industry, as artists vie for attention and acclaim. While Rosa Ree seeks to regain her lost momentum, Khaligraph Jones’ established reputation remains unshaken, making this feud a calculated strategy to reestablish Rosa Ree’s prominence.