“Brian Chira alikuwa Rafiki wa kucheza game wakati tumesota, msinimwagie acid kwa macho nilikuwa awache pombe”,Nyakwar Janeko says

Auntie Nyakwar, a prominent figure on TikTok and a relative of Flaqo, finds herself engulfed in fear as she becomes the target of menacing threats following a recent TikTok broadcast. These threats, ominously hinting at her demise, surfaced after a particular video she posted gained widespread attention.

During a distressing TikTok Live session, Nyakwar Janeko recounted the alarming turn her life had taken since the viral spread of a video featuring her delivering a stark warning to Brian Chira. In this now infamous video, Nyakwar implored Chira to reconsider his alcohol consumption habits, cautioning him about the dire consequences awaiting him should he persist. Tragically, Nyakwar’s premonition became reality when Chira was involved in a fatal accident while intoxicated, succumbing to his injuries on the spot. The grim prophecy had unfolded before their eyes.

Instead of receiving recognition for her sincere attempt to steer Chira away from self-destructive behaviors, Nyakwar found herself facing backlash and hostility from certain factions within the TikTok community. Threats of violence now hang over her, with individuals threatening harm should she attend Chira’s funeral.

Nyakwar now grapples with profound trauma and fear, coming to terms with the chilling reality that her well-meaning advice has triggered a wave of animosity towards her. She pleads with those who harbor ill intentions towards her to understand that her actions were driven solely by a desire to protect Chira from the dangers of alcohol abuse. The tragic loss of Brian Chira serves as a somber reminder of the devastating consequences of alcohol misuse, a reality that Nyakwar had desperately tried to prevent.