Heated Drama as KRG and His Alleged Baby Mama Confront Each Other -

Heated Drama as KRG and His Alleged Baby Mama Confront Each Other

Kenyan rapper KRG the Don recently found himself entangled in a controversy surrounding a woman’s claim that he is the father of her 19-year-old daughter, Yvonne Njoki. In an effort to address the matter of paternity, KRG and Yvonne’s mother agreed to an interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko.

During the interview, Yvonne’s mother firmly asserted that KRG was indeed the father of her daughter, emphasizing that he had been involved in their lives during the initial few months. According to her account, she first encountered KRG when she was only 13 years old while he was employed in Gikomba.

“I became pregnant with Yvonne when I was just 13. You were older than me and already had an identification card. You used to work in Gikomba and resided with your cousin in Kiambu,” she recalled.

On the other hand, the musician vehemently denied ever having met the woman prior to the interview. KRG maintained that he had never been in a romantic relationship with her and suggested that she may have mistaken him for someone else.

A heated argument ensued between the two parties as they attempted to substantiate their conflicting claims. The mother revealed that she had named her daughter after KRG’s mother, Njoki, despite never having met him. She alleged that it was KRG’s own idea.

KRG, however, stood firm in his position, stating that he was born in 1991, making it impossible for him to be the child’s father since he was still in primary school at the time.

Nevertheless, in an effort to definitively resolve the matter and restore his reputation, the musician expressed his willingness to undergo a DNA test. He made it clear that he would never abandon his child, highlighting his devoted care for his four sons.