Machachari Actor Tyler Mbaya Exposed For Conning His Friends Money -

Machachari Actor Tyler Mbaya Exposed For Conning His Friends Money

Baha, the popular actor from the TV show Machachari, has recently been exposed for engaging in fraudulent activities and deceiving people to acquire money from them.

The first person to shed light on Baha’s deceitful actions was Nurse Judy, a Kenyan lady residing in the United States. According to her account, Baha began following her on Instagram and even showed interest by liking her photos. Soon after, he reached out to her with a request, masking his true intentions.

In his message, Baha claimed to be going through a severe financial crisis, urgently needing $450 to settle some pressing bills. He explained that he had not paid his rent and faced the imminent threat of eviction. Furthermore, he alleged that the company he was employed with had withheld his salary, leaving him in a dire situation.

Using an emotional appeal, Baha managed to convince Judy to send him more money, despite her having already sent him $100. He played on her sympathies by asserting that he had nobody else to turn to, as he was an orphan, and claimed that his young family was suffering. In his messages, he went as far as accusing his friends of neglecting him since the birth of his daughter with Georgina.

Becoming suspicious of the multiple requests, Judy decided to reach out to Georgina directly to verify the situation and offer financial support for their rent, as Baha had claimed. Much to her surprise, Georgina informed her that they were actually doing fine and had already taken care of the bills. However, she did reveal that Baha had a gambling addiction and was borrowing money from people under false pretenses, neglecting his responsibilities towards their family.

Georgina further expressed her disappointment in how Baha was using their child as a means to extort money from unsuspecting individuals.

Following this exposure, several other people have come forward, alleging that Baha owes them money and has failed to fulfill his promises. Among them is Kenyan artist African Pablo, who publicly called out the actor for not returning the Ksh 15,000 he had borrowed.

These revelations have tarnished Baha’s reputation and raised concerns about his integrity and financial practices. It is evident that he has engaged in deceptive behavior, exploiting people’s empathy and trust for personal gain. As the truth continues to unfold, it is crucial to hold individuals accountable for their actions and raise awareness about the importance of transparency and honesty.