‘2024 building a better relationship with God’ – Vera Sidika plans to go back to church

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has recently disclosed her intention to embark on a personal spiritual journey aimed at strengthening her relationship with God in the upcoming year.

In her Instagram stories, the mother of two conveyed a longing to reconnect with her faith by returning to church after a prolonged absence. Despite consistently practicing her Christian beliefs, Vera admitted facing challenges attending church services due to the unwanted attention drawn to her as a public figure.

While asserting her commitment to Christianity, she sought assistance from her followers in identifying a suitable church, particularly in the affluent Karen neighborhood. Vera expressed her desire to build a more profound connection with God in the year 2024.

In a similar vein, fellow socialite Huddah Monroe shared insights into her religious beliefs. Huddah disclosed her practice of both Islam and Christianity, emphasizing that, in her perspective, there is minimal disparity between the two faiths.

During a Q&A session on her Instagram stories, Huddah underscored the unity of God in both religions, stating, “There’s only one God!” She also touched upon the divisive nature of religious differences and encouraged her audience to educate themselves about the similarities between the Quran and the Bible.

Huddah urged followers to overcome religious ignorance by exploring both texts, emphasizing that translations are now available in various languages. She specifically encouraged Muslims to acquire copies of both the Quran and the Bible, emphasizing that understanding both could promote mutual respect for diverse religious practices.

“Wake up from that religious ignorance, my brothers and sisters. The Quran is translated now. Go and get a copy. The Bible is in English, and as a Muslim, go and get a copy. Understand them both, and you will never question the other’s religious practices,” declared Huddah.