Jane Wambui: I Worked In Saudi Arabia For 9 Years Only For My Daughter To Squander All The Ksh2 Million I Was Sending Her To Save 

Jane Wambui is among a host of fortunate Kenyans who got an opportunity to travel out of the country for work.

She travelled to Saudi Arabia where she spent nine years working for the betterment of her life and her daughter.

While in the Gulf country, she would send money to her daughter every month for her personal use and savings.

Wambui had hoped to set up a business once she returns to the country but as fate would have it, her daughter ended up wasting all the money that her mother was sending to her.

Here is her story as told by muranganewspaper


In an interview on TUKO, Wambui said she left the country for Saudi Arabia in 2014.

Upon her arrival, she was subjected to harsh working conditions as her boss was cruel, and she did not have a specific workplace.

She would work for different people from time to time although the contract had stated that she would work for one person.

When Wambui confronted her boss, she was physically abused and even stabbed on the leg as she tried to air her grievances.

Despite the life threatening ordeal, she was bold enough to speak and she was taken to a better place to work.

“I was taken to this place where I was taking care of the elderly. Everything was well and I worked at the place for over four months

“However, when I went to demand my salary for the four months worked, she didn’t want to pay me. And I had to confront the boss in-charge of my workplace,” Wambui said.

Wambui was eventually paid and she continued working shortly before she decided to escape from her workplace. She engaged in menial jobs, some times without being paid.

“The reason why I went to Saudi Arabia was to take care of my children because my eldest daughter was joining secondary and the other one was in class one,” she said.

When she left Kenya, Wambui left her son under the care of his sister, Hottensia Wambui, and she even rented a house for them.

Despite the harsh working conditions in Saudi Arabia, Wambui still managed to send money back home.

Open bank account

She would to her sister but she later instructed her daughter to open a bank account to which she will be depositing money into.

“I started sending money directly to my daughter in 2017… I would send the money monthly or some times after two months,” she said.

Wambui would send up to Ksh 56,000 every month or after every two months.

“I had trusted her because every time I would send her money I’d instruct her not to misuse the money or lend it to her friends

“I had trusted her like my child, and every time we would talk she assured me that my money was safe and I should not be worried,” she stated.

After working for nine years, Wambui got the impression that she had not business in Saudi since her life was secured.

Having in mind that she had savings in Kenya, she was sure that she would soon be returning to settle.

“She repeatedly reassured me that the money was secure in her account. Upon my return I saw that she had an anxious and troubled expression on her face,” she said.


It later emerged that her daughter had spent most of the savings on parties, drinking and pampering her friends.

She had also used part of the saving on an online forex trading business.

Wambui also learnt that her daughter also bought a car on credit; a deposit of Ksh 500,000 and signed a contract that said she would pay Ksh 62,500 every month.

“After three months, she had only collected KSh 10,000 from her buddy driver, who had been using the vehicle as a taxi,” she said.

The savings amounted to over Ksh 2 million.


Wambui had plans of setting up a business in Kiambu town with the savings, and to continue supporting her family.

“I had planned on starting a business here in Kiambu and also paying for school for my children, but as we speak, even money to purchase food is an issue. I had intended to create a business here in Kiambu and also pay for school for my children,” she said.

Wambui noted that even though her daughter has been begging her for forgiveness, she will never forgive her.

“I will never ever forgive her, unless she returns that money. I’ve really struggled for it for many years,” she said.