Breaking News: EPRA Increases Fuel Prices -
Breaking News: EPRA Increases Fuel Prices

Breaking News: EPRA Increases Fuel Prices

The Energy Petroleum and Regulatory Authority (EPRA) on Monday.Has announced an increase in fuel prices per litre.

In its month to month review of the fuel costs, EPRA noted that the cost of Super petroleum and diesel would each increase by Ksh5 from tomorrow, Tuesday, March 15 to April 14.

Super Petrol will retail at Ksh134.72 per liter while diesel will go at Ksh115.60 at pump prices .Kerosene costs stay unaltered at Ksh103.54.

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The recently announced prices are after the government executed an appropriation on the products. The actual prices of the petroleum products are Ksh155 .11, Ksh 143.16 for diesel and Ksh130.44.

“Government will utilise the Petroleum Development Levy to cushion consumers from the otherwise high prices,” the statement read in part.

In the course of the last five months, the costs have remained constant despite the high food prices in the country.

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Preceding the present amendment, EPRA had maintained the fuel prices five months since October 21, when the cost of petroleum and diesel were brought down by Ksh5 per liter and that of diesel by Ksh7.28 per liter.

Before that, the three costs Ksh 134.72, diesel for Ksh115 and Kerosene retailed at Ksh110.2, a record high over the five years.