Heartfelt reason why Chavakali students attended Kareh B’s son’s burial in uniform

Joseph Mwadulo, a 17-year-old student at Chavakali Boys High School, tragically passed away in a fatal road accident at the Mamboleo Junction in Kisumu County on April 1, 2024. His grieving mother, renowned singer Mary Wangari Gioche, also known as Kareh B, announced that his funeral will take place today, Friday, April 12, with his burial planned in Embu County.

The funeral proceedings will begin at the Kenyatta University mortuary, where mourners will gather at 7:30 a.m. before heading to Embu. Kareh B, speaking during a live fundraising session with gospel musician Karangu wa Muraya, outlined the schedule, emphasizing the need for an early start to accommodate attendees.

She mentioned that many students from Chavakali Boys High School, where Joseph was a beloved member, will attend the burial, honoring him by wearing their school uniform as a symbol of solidarity and respect for his memory.

Kareh B also acknowledged the presence of children at the funeral and expressed a desire to conclude the proceedings promptly to accommodate them.

During the fundraising event organized by musician Karangu Muraya, Kareh B revealed that while some preparations for the funeral had been completed, there were still unresolved matters. She highlighted the substantial budget required for the funeral, which exceeded Ksh 2 million.

Joseph Mwadulo lost his life when a bus carrying Chavakali Boys High School students was involved in the tragic accident at Mamboleo Junction in Kisumu County on April 1, 2024.