SHOCK as Pastor Kiengei directs congregants to pay KSh 300 monthly contribution to his church -

SHOCK as Pastor Kiengei directs congregants to pay KSh 300 monthly contribution to his church

Many have found themselves puzzled by the stipulations set forth by Muthee Kiengei, the founder of Jesus Compassion Ministries (JCM), for Kenyan individuals seeking to join his church.

Kiengei’s journey traces back to approximately 2020 when he was ordained as a pastor within the Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa. In February of an undisclosed year, Kiengei established the JCM church.

In response to inquiries about his motives for potentially relocating to enhance his earnings, Kiengei categorically refuted such notions.

“I aspire to attain the position of a bishop not for personal gain, but to extend my service to a broader community. Over the past two years, I have refrained from using tithes for personal use. Our daily operations involve the use of eight cars, with the least fuel expenditure amounting to KSh 3,000. All members of my team are remunerated. Every Sunday, a sum of KSh 60,000 is dedicated to my spiritual duties. It is imperative to convey the truth: the church has not financially supported me in this endeavor,” he clarified.

Leveraging his substantial online presence and burgeoning social media following, Kiengei triumphantly conducted his inaugural mass.

As time elapsed, the church consistently swelled with congregants, prompting Kiengei to seemingly seize the opportunity.

A video excerpt from a Sunday service held on August 27 portrayed Kiengei delivering a sermon donned in a red suit, alongside outlining the prerequisites for membership within the church.

“We offer membership cards priced at KSh 6,000 and KSh 5,000. Even if you engage with our services via online platforms, possession of the JCM membership card is obligatory for data collection purposes. Our computer infrastructure is fully operational, with ongoing system configuration,” Kiengei explained.

Additionally, Kiengei indicated that members of the congregation would be required to contribute KSh 300 on a monthly basis to maintain their membership status.

“Monthly remittances will be monitored to ensure compliance. These funds have facilitated the development of our church to its current standing,” he concluded.