I was willing to share but nikawachiwa- Karen Nyamu on stealing Samidoh from Wife Edday

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has responded to critics who accused her of stealing Samidoh from his wife, Eddy Nderitu.

Nyamu recently shared a series of photos from a graduation party that Samidoh also attended. Alongside the photos, she congratulated the graduate and referred to him as a rising star.

However, it was the cozy pictures of Nyamu with Samidoh that caught people’s attention. One curious fan reached out to the Senator, accusing her of being a homewrecker and taking someone else’s husband.

“Why did you take it all for yourself?” the fan asked.

Nyamu swiftly defended herself, stating that she was open to sharing Samidoh, but his wife chose to walk away, leaving him to her.

“I was very willing to share, but… she decided to leave him,” Karen Nyamu replied.

Another fan inquired, “Did you decide that the co-wife should see her husband in the pictures?”

Nyamu responded, “Did I really decide that?”

Another user conveyed the notion that a relationship is not considered serious until a man publicly claims it.

“It’s never serious until the man makes a public declaration, but live your life, don’t let those who don’t claim you claim you,” the user advised Nyamu.

However, the senator retorted, “This is just a joke, don’t take it seriously.”