Harmonize gifts his employees with brand new cars

Tanzanian singer Harmonize has set a new standard for employee appreciation by surprising four of his colleagues with brand-new cars. The staff members, Thomas Gitonga (HR), Sam Chaupole (Social media manager), Zara Boy (Stylist), and Amigoo (Head of Digital Department), were gifted the cars by the president of Konde Music Worldwide. Harmonize took to social media to express his excitement about working alongside his team and achieving success together.

This is not the first time Harmonize has shown appreciation for his team members. In July 2022, he gifted his then-signee Angella with a new car, although it is unclear if she was allowed to keep the car after leaving the record label. Ibraah and Country Boy were also given cars by Harmonize in September 2020 when they were introduced as new members of the label. However, Killy, Cheed, and Country Boy have since terminated their contracts with Konde Music Worldwide.

In addition to showing appreciation for his team, Harmonize has also shown generosity towards his family. In May 2022, he bought his mother a brand new Toyota Harrier after a successful series of shows in Kenya. He also bought his parents (mother and father) new cars in June 2019, and even purchased two Ranger Rovers for actress Frida Kajala in an attempt to win her back. Overall, Harmonize continues to raise the bar for employee and family appreciation.