John the Baptist From Bungoma: Niko na Wanawake 46, Watoto 290 na Bado Naoa. -

John the Baptist From Bungoma: Niko na Wanawake 46, Watoto 290 na Bado Naoa.

Nabii Yohana (V) is a self-proclaimed prophet from Nandolia village, Bukembe West Ward Kanduyi Constituency. He has gained attention for his polygamous lifestyle, having married 39 wives who have borne him 103 children and 232 grandchildren. Despite three of his wives being deceased, he claims that he has not yet fulfilled God’s word, which dictates that he should marry up to 48 wives to avoid committing adultery.

Nabii Yohana is a strict vegetarian who lives in five different homes, with his wives cooking him a diet consisting of saga, suja (bitter vegetables), and murenda. He claims that he is the reincarnated John the Baptist and that he is on a mission to save mankind from corruption, homosexuality, and bad governance. In pursuit of this mission, he has authored a revised bible, which he claims will be unveiled on April 23 at his Muungano Church of Holy Spirit for All Nations in Nandolia village, Bungoma. The new bible has 93 books, with only verses instead of chapters.

Nabii Yohana has a significant following in Bungoma, Uasin Gishu, Nandi, and Kisumu County. He is petitioning the Kenyan government to replace the shilling with his currency, called mzawadi. He also wants President Uhuru to move Central Bank headquarters to the Kenya-Uganda border at Lwakhakha, where his new currency will be launched. According to Nabii Yohana, the current currency is the source of all ills, including corruption, robbery, political assassinations, and the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Aside from his political aspirations, Nabii Yohana claims to have supernatural powers, including the ability to heal the sick and resurrect the dead. He has a diverse client base, ranging from politicians to top government officials. To heal the sick, he steps on them, and they receive their healing. To resurrect the dead, he jumps over them three times.