60y/o Murang’a Man Who Sold His 5 Cows To Finance Girlfriend’s Lifestyle Left In Tears After The Lady Dumped Him For A Younger Man.

A Murang’a man has been left in tear after his 26-year-old girlfriend dumped him for a younger man.60-year-old, Benson Mwangi is said to have sold his five cows and used the cash to finance his girlfriend’s, Fridah Njoki, lavishing lifestyle.

Benson, from Vidhu Ramji estate, Murang’a Town met Njoki on Facebook and their love ‘blossomed’ and after two weeks, the two met and it is here that Njoki told him that he had to have money so as they can date.

Benson seeing the beauty infront of him decided to sell his cows so as to please the new found ‘queen’ of his heart.

In two weeks, the cash that Benson had got been exhausted and he was left a pauper with no means to fund his girlfriend’s lifestyle.

She is said to have dumped the poor man for a younger man leaving Benson in tears of heartaches and abject poverty since the cows were his only source of livelihood.

Benson has now called on to older men in Murang’a to avoid slay queens at all cost or else meet the same fate.