Arrow Bwoy: Mkiona Nimefanya Collabo Na Nadia, Mjue tu Amenilipa Ksh 4Million

Kenyan artist Arrow Bwoy has expressed his stance on potential collaborations with Nadia Mukami, indicating that he would be open to such ventures only if a significant sum of money is involved.

Arrow Bwoy stated that while he has previously collaborated with Nadia Mukami without charge, he now believes it’s time to assign a value to his contributions. He emphasized that the collaborations he has undertaken with Nadia for free have sufficed, and henceforth, any further joint projects would require compensation.

According to Arrow Bwoy, his wife has already received substantial support from him in her music career, but when it comes to collaborations with Nadia, a fee of Ksh 4 million would be necessary.

Their previous collaborative efforts have seen success, with their track “Mi Nawe” amassing 6.4 million views on YouTube within nine months, while their initial collaboration, “Kai Wangu,” maintains a steady viewership of 6.1 million views even a year after its release.

Arrow Bwoy recently gained attention on social media when a video surfaced of him performing for a lady in Nairobi CBD near Archives. In the video, he and his team serenaded the woman at a table on Valentine’s Day, creating a heartfelt moment.

Additionally, the singer took it upon himself to spread love and kindness in society by surprising other women with flowers throughout the CBD, further showcasing his compassionate side beyond his musical endeavors.