“We Ni Mchafu sana Mpaka Unapata Boil Kwa Lips” Diana Marua Roasts Bahati

Diana Marua, a mother of three, recently made comments about her husband, Bahati, in a video posted on her YouTube channel. She expressed her concern that Bahati no longer seemed to be interested in her and that he spoke to her in an unloving tone. Diana also mentioned Bahati’s cold, which was preventing him from kissing her due to an infection that affected his lips.

During the video, Diana complained that Bahati seemed exhausted and did not make any effort to make her happy. She suggested that he was unclean and had boils on his lips due to a lack of hygiene. Bahati jokingly attributed the infection to their intimate activities.

The couple’s relationship took a turn when Bahati refused to shower with Diana, claiming that she had denied him conjugal rights for two weeks. He compared it to being hungry all day and finally seeing food but being told not to eat. Diana defended herself, stating that she was tired from spending long hours in the hospital where their youngest child was receiving treatment.

Overall, Diana expressed her frustration with Bahati’s behavior, and the couple’s relationship seemed strained.