5 unique things you didn’t know about late LGBTQ Activist Edwin Chiloba

He lived within Kimumu area and police followed up on a certain plot where they interrogated tenants who confirmed he lived in room No 11 near Noble Bliss Plaza.

Kimulwo said on new year’s eve Chiloba and friends went to Tamasha club and came back at around 3 am to where they lived.

When they arrived neighbors heard commotion and cries which subsided. The neighbors did not follow up and the deceased was not seen but on the 3rd neighbors saw a vehicle with two people loading a metal box into the vehicle and left.

Neighbours said they also smelled some foul stench from the house.

“We suspect the noise heard earlier by the neighbours was the time the deceased was killed,” Kimulwo said.

The arrested suspect is said to have told the neighbors that a rat had died in the house after the neighbors sought to know why there was a stench emanating from the house.

Here are things you did not know about the late Chiloba.

  • He spent his last hours at Tamasha place in Eldoret.
  • The fashion model lived in a rented house at Kimumu on Eldoret-Iten Road.
  • His real name was Edwin Kiprotich Kiptoo.
  • Chiloba’s adoptive mum was Donna Pfaltzgraff and her husband