Nyako: Sijui What Happened To Lilian Muli,Alikuwa Very Dark And Beautiful Now She is Very Light,Anakaa Mzungu mweusi

Kenyan TikTok personality, Pilot Nyako, currently residing in Germany, recently took to her live session to express some opinions about various Kenyan celebrities. Among them was Citizen TV Presenter Lilian Muli, whom Nyako decided to comment on, specifically questioning her appearance and transformation over the years.

During the live session, where Nyako was both critiquing and praising different celebrities, she directed some remarks towards Lillian Muli. Nyako clarified that she doesn’t share any personal connections with Muli. However, she recounted an encounter from the past, describing Lilian as a stunning, dark-skinned Kamba lady, a true black beauty. To Nyako’s surprise, the transformation she observed on Lilian’s Instagram profile over time left her puzzled.

Nyako went on to express confusion about Lilian Muli’s change in complexion, highlighting that she had become significantly lighter compared to their earlier meeting. Although Nyako chose not to delve further into the matter, she alluded to ongoing online discussions, with some Kenyans speculating that Lilian may have undergone skin lightening. It’s important to note that these are mere allegations, as Lilian Muli has not publicly addressed or confirmed any details about her transformation.