“Ulidhani Umefika Sindio, Tulia sasa Uachwe pia” Carol Sonie comments on Mulamwah ‘bestie’ Ruth K’s pregnancy

Actress Caroline Muthoni, also known as Carrol Sonnie, responded with sarcasm when confronted with the news that her former boyfriend, comedian David Oyando, aka Mulamwah, hinted at expecting a child with his close friend, Ruth K.

On a particular Tuesday, Mulamwah and Ruth K, who have faced allegations of being in a romantic relationship despite their public denials, dropped hints that they might be anticipating their first child together.

Both these artists, who persistently claimed to be nothing more than “besties,” made similar social media posts implying that Ruth might be pregnant.

Ruth posted on her Instagram page, “I woke up this morning feeling nauseous and exhausted. What could be the reason?”

On his part, Mulamwah wrote, “My bestie woke up feeling nauseous this morning. What could possibly be bothering her?”

Although they didn’t explicitly confirm their reference to pregnancy, it was widely believed that these posts were their subtle way of announcing their impending parenthood.

In response to these social media posts, Carrol Sonnie made a derisive comment, saying, “Keila isn’t my child… they just had a baby.”

Sonnie’s comment appeared to mock Mulamwah for previously denying paternity of her daughter and then seemingly impregnating another woman.

Just a month prior, Mulamwah expressed uncertainty about whether his “bestie,” Ruth K, was pregnant, despite rampant speculation among Kenyans.

During an interview with the press, the comedian stated that he had received no direct indication that Ruth was expecting her first child.

“I don’t know; I really can’t tell. I would have heard her hitting her stomach if she were expecting. But I’ll inquire,” Mulamwah remarked.

The comedian continued to maintain that the woman he had been seen with was simply a close friend, and their relationship was purely platonic.