Erick Omondi: It Will only Take My unborn Baby 1 Week To Have More Instagram Followers Than Krg The Don.

Meet Eric Omondi, a renowned Kenyan celebrity and the self-proclaimed “President of Comedy in Africa.” This year, 2023, he is preparing to embark on a new journey as a father to a baby girl with his girlfriend, Lynne. The couple recently had an unforgettable and one-of-a-kind gender reveal event in Thika.

During this momentous occasion, Eric, now eagerly anticipating his role as a new father, expressed his excitement and unique plans for his unborn daughter. He confidently revealed his intention to transform her into a celebrity within an astonishingly short period of just one week.

In a conversation with online media outlets, Eric Omondi disclosed his initial step as a doting father: creating an Instagram account for his daughter. With the aim of making her the talk of the town, he predicts that her Instagram page will rapidly become one of the most followed and talked-about in Kenya.

Eric firmly believes that within a mere week, his daughter will amass more followers on Instagram than even popular figures like Krg The Don. To achieve this, he plans to host a special Instagram live event, tapping into his own massive following to promote his daughter’s page.

The comedian is brimming with confidence that his unborn daughter is destined to be a superstar, following in the footsteps of other celebrity offspring. He envisions her securing lucrative brand promotion deals and corporate gigs tailored for children, which could result in substantial earnings even at a young age.

With such bold aspirations and a determination to set his daughter on a path to stardom, Eric Omondi eagerly awaits the birth of his baby girl, believing she has the potential to shine brightly in the world of fame and fortune, just like her celebrity parents.