” Huyu Hajui Kizungu” Diamond Platnumz Having Difficulty in Understanding English.

Tanzanian singer and CEO of Wasafi, Diamond Platnumz, found himself in a challenging situation when a video went viral, showing him, along with Jux and their crew, stuck in a lift. The incident caught the attention of netizens who noticed that the whole crew was facing difficulty in understanding English.

In the video, they were stranded in the lift, desperately trying to call emergency numbers. The major issue arose when the emergency team responded in deep English, and the crew seemed unable to comprehend their instructions. Clearly confused, they decided to reach out to Babalevo and other crew members outside the lift for assistance.

While the audio from the emergency team indicated directions on how to operate the lift, the language barrier hindered their ability to follow the instructions. As a result, their only hope was to rely on Babalevo and the other crew members outside. The ordeal lasted for approximately 15 minutes, during which they experienced a great deal of tension, considering it a life-threatening incident.

It’s crucial to recognize the importance of language accessibility in emergency situations to avoid such predicaments in the future.