Mulamwah: Mimi Sivai Boxer, Mimi Hutembea Comando Daily

It seems that David Oyando, popularly known as Mulamwah, a well-known content creator and radio presenter in Kenya, has caused a stir online by openly discussing why he chooses not to wear underwear.

In an interview with Spm Buzz while attending Prince Indah’s event, Mulamwah commented on Akothee, a fellow celebrity, buying her underwear from abroad. He mentioned that while he finds it amazing, he personally no longer wears underwear.

Mulamwah explained that he feels free and comfortable without underwear, preferring to let his private parts “flow with gravity.” This is his personal preference for comfort, and as a result, he chooses not to wear underwear or boxers.

It is indeed surprising because Mulamwah is possibly the first male Kenyan celebrity to publicly disclose that he doesn’t wear underwear. In the past, it has primarily been female celebrities, such as Huddah Monroe, who have shared their preference for going commando, citing issues like infections caused by panties.

It appears that going without panties has become a new trend among women in Kenya, particularly when they go clubbing. Other female celebrities like Pritty Vishy and Vera Sidika have also publicly stated that they don’t wear panties. However, it’s important to note that this trend may vary among individuals, and personal preferences can differ widely.