Shock as Woman Leaves Well-Paying Job in Dubai to Join Pastor Ezekiel’s Church in Mombasa

In a captivating narrative of hope and faith, Josphene Kache, a woman hailing from Mombasa, recounts her transformative journey from Dubai to Kilifi, Kenya. Her quest led her to the New Life International Church, led by Pastor Ezekiel Odero, where she sought love and the restoration of her prosperity.

After working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Josphene decided to return to her homeland with a yearning for a brighter future. It was at Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s church that she first heard about his ‘nyota’ ministry, a concept that she believed could potentially bring back the lost radiance in her life.

Speaking to NTV Kenya, Josphene revealed, “I’ve been hearing about this ‘nyota,’ but I didn’t fully grasp it. I felt it had been a long time since my life was prosperous. I wondered if perhaps witches or traditional healers had stolen my star. I thought that maybe my star could be restored if I joined the church.”

Before becoming a part of the New Life International Church, Josphene had been following Pastor Odero closely through social media and television, attentively listening to his sermons. However, she felt the need to meet him in person to verify the authenticity of his teachings and to find inner peace.

“Many pastors preach on television, but once you meet them, you can truly understand who they are. I was curious to meet him,” she expressed.

Josphene, residing in Nyali, candidly shared her heartfelt yearning for love and companionship, acknowledging her current lack of a husband and children. As time passed, she grew increasingly concerned about her age and desired to find her ‘marriage star’ to complete her life.

With unwavering faith in the power of Pastor Odero’s teachings, she fearlessly confronted the darkness that hindered her progress, shattering the altars of despair that stood in her way.

However, Pastor Odero’s controversial statement regarding the faithfulness of Luo men ignited a heated debate on social media. He claimed that finding a faithful Luo man was exceedingly difficult, suggesting that they might provide material possessions to their wives but still engage in infidelity.

Despite the uproar caused by his statement, Josphene remained resolute in her pursuit of love and prosperity through the ‘nyota’ ministry. She hoped that by being part of the New Life International Church, she would attract positivity and happiness into her life.