” After Trending Wamama na Wasichana Wamejaa Inbox Yangu Sana, Wananitaka” Sammy G Reveals .

After becoming an internet sensation with his flawless rendition of Guardian Angel’s hit song “Utanipenda,” emerging gospel artist Sammy G has skyrocketed to stardom. His remarkable talent has made him the talk of the town, and he’s now a prominent figure in the music scene.

Taking note of Sammy G’s exceptional potential, Guardian Angel and his wife, Esther Musila, have taken him under their wing, welcoming him into their family as their adopted son. They’ve pledged to support and nurture his burgeoning music career. This collaboration began with the release of a sensational remix of “Utanipenda,” where Guardian Angel teamed up with Sammy G and Derrick Deus. The track quickly gained immense popularity and, within just one week, it crossed the impressive milestone of one million views.

During an interview with Presenter Kai, Sammy G disclosed that ever since he gained widespread recognition, his inbox has been flooded with messages from admirers, particularly from the female audience. He explained that many ladies have reached out, expressing their interest and admiration, with some even hoping to establish a romantic connection with him.

Sammy G acknowledged that this surge in attention and the pressures that come with it have been quite overwhelming. Nevertheless, he remains resolute in his commitment to his music career and refuses to let any distractions hinder his progress.

In the midst of all the support and applause from Kenyan fans, Sammy G revealed that he has encountered some resentment from old acquaintances who seem to harbor jealousy over his newfound success. He emphasized that he harbors no ill will towards anyone and remains dedicated to creating music that is inspired by his faith and devotion to God.