Embarambamba: Despite my popularity I earn ‘peanuts’ from performances

Christopher Mosioma, better known as Embarambamba, is a Kisii-based singer who has made a name for himself in the music industry with his unique dance moves and unconventional outfits. His songs, including Imesimama, Iny’igwete Ndine, Mama Nariegwa, Yasoire Bono Somora, and Napenda Mbele Sipendi Nyuma, have earned him fame and popularity. However, despite his success, Embarambamba claims that he has not earned much from his music, with the highest amount he has been paid for an event being Sh100,000.

During the 2022 general election campaigns, Embarambamba performed at various events organized by political parties. He was paid Sh50,000 for his performance at Kasarani for the Azimio party, which he felt was not enough for his effort. Moreover, his attempts to collaborate with fellow artists have been difficult, with some demanding Sh50,000 for a collaboration.

Embarambamba is currently working on a new song with a controversial music video that has left many of his fans confused. The music video features Embarambamba and a woman, Lydia Ndude, who are dressed only in white towels. Embarambamba starts singing “Nataka nikuingize,” which has a vulgar meaning in the Kenyan context. However, he clarifies that he wants to recruit people to Jesus, and the song has a deep religious message.

Embarambamba has been accused in the past of having songs with vulgar meanings despite claiming that they are gospel songs. However, he says that there is a reason for his choice of words, as he needs to use sweet words in his

songs to make them popular. Embarambamba’s unique style and bizarre dances have made him stand out in the music industry, and he claims that being different has helped him provide for his family.

Embarambamba is now looking for video vixens to feature in his new music video, which will be the first time he has included women in his song. Despite the criticism and accusations he has faced, Embarambamba remains committed to his music and his message. He believes that there is a meaning to everything he does, and he hopes that his music will continue to inspire and uplift his fans.