” Mapenzi Imenikataa ni kama wanaume wananiogopa” 35 Years Old Shix Kapienga Reveals Why She Is Still Single.

Shix Kapienga, renowned as the charismatic host of NTV’s Jamdown show, has chosen to unveil the underlying reason behind her single status at the age of 35.

Formerly a prominent actress on the acclaimed Papa Shirandula series, Kapienga had previously attributed her singleness to the apprehension that her on-screen persona invoked in men, making them hesitant to approach her.

During a recent episode of the Ikonini show podcast, Kapienga delved into the challenges faced by empowered women when seeking lasting relationships. In today’s society, there exists a significant number of empowered women who encounter difficulties in finding compatible partners.

Offering her personal perspective, Kapienga disclosed that she remains unattached primarily because love isn’t her top priority. She expressed the difficulty she faces in falling in love, emphasizing the challenge of discerning the true intentions of those who approach her romantically.

Despite being unconcerned about her age, Kapienga emphasized her contentment with her current lifestyle. She has chosen to channel her energy into her career and financial pursuits, leading a lavish life that brings her fulfillment. Consequently, she remains unfazed by societal expectations regarding marriage and remains comfortable with her single status at this stage in her life.