Royal Media Service ,Ken Wakuraya Opens Up about his Grave Life before Fame
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Royal Media Service ,Ken Wakuraya Opens Up on his Grave Life before Fame

Some artists are wildly creative and they realize the most ideal approaches to motivate fans as well as win their hearts totally. One of those specialists is “Mundu particular” or Ken Wakuraya as known by his fan.

In spite of being a social person, ken a businessman cum news anchor, Wakuraya is viewed as perhaps the most encouraging young generations with a great influence towards the youth.

Conceived and raised in Nyandarua County, Ken has faced the canine life as young taff to the time that his star sparkled.

In an interview with local news outlet, Ken said that he is a last born in a family of 5, taking note of the difficulties he suffered while young.

After clearing his studies at Ol Kalou High School, the well known reporter looked for business In Nairobi.

He claims life was hard as he had to look for old occupation, such as, selling mitumbas, working at construction sites and at one time he was a pharmacy cleaner however he says he had trust for a brilliant future.

“Not once or twice I have slept outside on the veranda at archives as I didn’t have money to pay rent,I used to walk from river road to Kayole and the bus fare was just either 20 or 30 bob but I couldn’t afford, “he states amid teary.

Through the help from relatives and dear companions, Ken secured his fantasy about acting and he created his own Kikuyu show named Tafadhali tigira hau (kindly stop it there) prior to getting a job at Tahidi high and got a job as teacher Kandi, a coy geography teacher who had a preference for country music.

“We acted with our construction clothes, people thought that was a trend we were starting but it was not. We acted with those clothes because we did not have a choice. I became a river road celeb,”recounts Wa Kuraya.

Two years late Ken would later join Royal Media Inooro Tv as prime reporter.

The blend and match with his Co-host Muthoni wa Mukiri is the thing that sped up his popularity where the two were supposed to be a couple however they would later put the record straight.

Ken states its God’s hand that he is the sort of person he is, prompting the young people not to engage into indecent behaviors however to have faith for a better tomorrow.

Other than being an anchor Ken has a Country music show named Thuthira Ngoro alongside shiru the shi girl on Thursdays at Inooro TV.