“Nkiwa Kwa Hao Mi Huvaa Tu Dera Bila Panty” Crossdresser Kinuthia Reveals Dirty Secrets 

To begin with, Kinuthia gained widespread recognition as a TikTok sensation after he bravely shared the experiences of receiving advances from men who mistook him for a woman, and his unique response to such situations.

Recently, this crossdresser invited YouTuber Mungai Eve to his newly acquired residence, providing an exclusive tour of his home.

During the visit, Kinuthia disclosed that while at home, he typically opts for a free-flowing dress known as a “dera” without any undergarments. This relaxed style allows him to feel comfortable and unrestricted within his own space.

However, in the presence of Mungai Eve, he admitted to wearing panties as a result of her visit.

In a previous interview, Kinuthia credited his mother as a significant influence on his decision to become a crossdresser. He expressed gratitude for his mother’s unwavering support and revealed that she is the one who purchases the feminine attire he wears.

Reflecting on his early years, Kinuthia shared that he began emulating his mother’s sense of style and fashion from a young age. He admired her appearance and would imitate her as she prepared herself. Although he temporarily stopped doing so, his interest resurfaced when he discovered TikTok. He recognized the platform as an opportunity to express his uniqueness, as no one else was exploring similar avenues.

While many assume Kinuthia’s sexual orientation based on his expression, he has chosen not to publicly disclose it as of now.