Irene Nekesa: Meet Diana Marua’s Nanny Earning Ksh. 100K per Month -

Irene Nekesa: Meet Diana Marua’s Nanny Earning Ksh. 100K per Month

According to Diana Marua, her nanny, Irene Nekesa, is undeniably one of the highest-paid domestic helpers in Kenya. Irene Nekesa became a part of Bahati’s family five years ago, and during this time, she has built a strong bond with the entire Bahati family, including the children.

Irene Nekesa receives a monthly salary of Ksh. 100,000 from Bahati and Diana Marua. Diana Marua mentioned in a previous interview that she hired Irene due to her outstanding work ethic and diligence in her duties. As a mother of three, Diana was thoroughly impressed by Irene’s dedication when she initially hired her as a laundry assistant, or “mama fua.”

Diana Marua expressed her satisfaction with Irene’s work, saying, “My nanny’s first day on the job was excellent. Her hard work was so impressive that I decided to keep Irene Nekesa. I could never let her go.” She went on to explain, “I had told Hila to find someone to help with the laundry since the women who used to come and do it were always outside looking for work. So, she brought Irene, who not only did the laundry on her first day but also tidied up the house. When I left the bedroom, I was amazed; everything was spotless. She had organized everything beautifully.”

During an interview with NTV, Irene Nekesa praised Bahati and Diana Marua for their kindness and generosity. She disclosed that the celebrity couple had allowed her to raise her own children within their household.

Irene Nekesa’s substantial monthly salary of Ksh. 100,000 caused a stir on social media after she shared the information. She proudly compared her earnings to that of a KDF Major.

Earlier this year, Diana Marua demonstrated her deep appreciation for Irene by purchasing an air ticket for her. In a heartfelt Facebook post, Marua expressed her gratitude, saying, “My nanny, Irene Nekesa, is one of the most incredible people that God has ever brought into my life. She has been with us since my baby, Heaven Bahati, was just five months old, and she is about to turn five years old in a few weeks. Being cared for by Irene has brought us an incredible amount of peace and joy, everything a mother could wish for in a caregiver. She’s not just an employee; she’s a part of our family.”

Marua went on to share, “She initially started as a day nanny, but due to her exceptional work ethic, I hired her as a full-time nanny. Since she had her son, Joshua, who was four years old at the time and had no one to care for him, we welcomed him into our family as well. One of her dreams was to ‘see an airplane up close,’ so yesterday, we not only showed her an airplane but also flew with her all the way to Malindi Dream Garden with my family and her son to enjoy our vacation.”