Mutura Man : How I Earn Ksh.1500 in Just 3 Hours.

Many view them as small enterprises, but for numerous Kenyans, businesses like Nicholas Mutura’s are vital sources of income. Operating in the Donholm area of Nairobi, Nicholas shared his success story in the Mutura business.

Several years ago, Nicholas initiated this venture with a modest capital of Ksh. 2000. Despite facing challenges, he persisted in expanding his stock to meet the demands of his growing customer base.

Over time, Nicholas gained notoriety in his locality for the exceptional taste of his Mutura, leading to a surge in demand. As a result, he now sells up to 16 kgs daily, equivalent to nearly one goat.

Nicholas dedicates three hours each day to his business, focusing on the peak evening hours when the Mutura trade thrives in Kenya. During this time, he earns approximately Ksh. 1500, occasionally reaching Ksh. 1000 in profit after deducting all expenses.

On a monthly basis, Nicholas’s earnings from the Mutura business amount to Ksh. 45,000—an impressive sum, surpassing the income of some office workers who put in over 8 hours daily.

Nicholas attributes the financial success of his Mutura business to the positive impact it has had on his life. The income generated has enabled him to pay for his children’s education, including one attending university. Additionally, it provides for his family’s sustenance, covers bills, and contributes to an improved quality of life. Nicholas takes pride in his business, recognizing its transformative effect on his lifestyle.