DJ JOE MFALME responds to allegations that he is a snitch after his hypeman

Renowned entertainer Joseph Mwendwa, known by his stage name DJ Joe Mfalme, has recently addressed the public following the arrest and charging of his hypeman, Allan Ochieng, also known as Hype Ballo, for the alleged murder of senior DCI officer Felix Kitosi.

Mfalme, who was released from custody along with six others, has found himself in the spotlight as he has been designated as a state witness by the prosecution, leading to accusations of being a “snitch.”

In an interview with Ankali Ray of Milele FM, Joe Mfalme expressed his confidence in the judicial process despite public speculation and scrutiny. He emphasized that the case is before the courts, and he refrained from discussing it in detail.

Acknowledging the chatter surrounding his involvement, Mfalme remained composed, recognizing that public perception often diverges from reality. He clarified that despite the circumstances, he maintains an amicable relationship with Ballo and believes that time will reveal the truth.

“I understand people have opinions, but the truth will come out in due course,” he stated.

Despite the strain on their communication due to the legal proceedings, Mfalme expressed gratitude for the support he has received from friends during his ordeal.

“When I was in detention, the support from my friends was overwhelming. I am deeply grateful for their unwavering support,” he said.

Mfalme concluded by stressing the importance of patience and composure during ongoing investigations, indicating his readiness to cooperate with the authorities as the legal process unfolds.