Trevor, Eve Mungai finally decide to have their first child after years of dating

Director Trevor recently shared details about his impending parenthood with his partner, Eve Mungai, after five years of living together. These revelations came to light during an engaging Q&A session with his Instagram followers.

Trevor unveiled their family planning timeline, disclosing their intention to welcome their first child in January 2026, implying that Eve would conceive in 2025.

In an unusually candid moment, Trevor admitted to employing the withdrawal method as their contraceptive of choice to avoid an unplanned pregnancy during the earlier years of their relationship. However, he candidly confessed that he eventually grew tired of this method after a year and humorously admitted his ignorance about Eve’s contraception strategy.

Responding to a fan’s query about their contraception practices, Trevor humorously replied, “We pulled out the first year and moved on. Ask another question, Wanjiku! @mungai_eve.”

Eve Mungai swiftly responded, opting to keep her contraception method private, stating, “That’s between me, myself, and I,” accompanied by laughter.

When probed about the frequency of their intimate encounters, Trevor confessed that he hadn’t been keeping track, but he jokingly mentioned that he might start counting.

Beyond their personal life, fans also inquired about the couple’s plans for official matrimony. Trevor addressed this matter, expressing gratitude for the interest in their future together. He emphasized their strong commitment to each other and the importance of building a solid foundation before taking the next step. While they haven’t set a specific wedding date, they look forward to sharing their plans when the time is right.

Trevor also shed light on the financial aspect of their lives, discussing the impressive revenue generated from their YouTube channel, which has provided employment for 14 individuals. He revealed that both he and Eve earn a monthly salary of Ksh800,000 each from their YouTube channel and presented evidence showing their substantial annual income of Ksh13.6 million in 2022.