5 Near-Couple Photos of Stephen Letoo and Chemutai Goin

Stephen Letoo and Chemutai Goin are arguably among the best political reporters in Kenya. Their fluency, accuracy and articulacy in their reporting has set them far apart from other journalist.

The two became internet sensation in August 2022, when President William Ruto singled them out during his Presidential victory acceptance speech.

The elated William Ruto sought to know whether the duo were among the journalists who were covering the event.

Where is my friend Chemutai Goin and Stephen Letoo of Citizen Tv,” Ruto asked amidst laughter.

The two journalists work for Kenya’s Giant Media House – Citizen Tv.

They publicly exhibit good working relationship. They have on several occasions gone to cover various national and political events together.

Besides working together, the two seemingly have good chemistry. Once in a while, they spice the internet with near-couple photos that leave Kenyans guessing the next move.

On 29th December,2022, Letoo took the friendship a notch higher and pulled a surprise birthday for his colleague.

In a video that excited many Kenyans, the self-made polygamy activist, treated Goin to a birthday cake, flowers and birthday card.

The visibly happy Goin could not hide her Joy.

Thanks my bro,” Goin said as she rewarded Letoo with a well deserved hug.