Dorcas Rigathi: Gachagua’s Wife -The Godly Second Lady of kenya With A Passion For Widows

Rigathi Gachagua career has been on vertical trajectory since he was elected as Mathira MP. In under five years, he has climbed to stand firm on the sought after coveted position DP William Ruto running mate. In the event that the DP wins the election on August 9, Gachagua will employ extensive power and influence in the Mt Kenya region politics. The lady behind his prosperity is Dorcas Rigathi, the potential Kenya second lady.


Gachagua remarked on how Kenya would be a devout country once they assume leadership of Kenya. This is on the grounds that William Ruto’s better half, Rachel, has forever been known as a lady of prayer. The equivalent can be said for Dorcas who is a pastor. She heads a ministry back at her Mathira home.

Dorcas began making waves during Hon. Ruto’s forays in the Mount Kenya locale. Toward the beginning of May, she preached on a Sunday Service attended by the deputy president. During the event, she didn’t neglect to recognize her husband whom she portrayed as an exceptionally superb man. She portrayed him as a genuine partner who did errands around the house at whatever point the need emerged.

Mrs. Rigathi added that the church won’t stay quiet during the election. She declared that Ruto would become the president even as she promised the church will actively participate in the polls.

“The clergy represented here is a pool of untouched potential. These are men of substance and influence. In our engagement, we have agreed that we will no longer act safe, never be fence-sitters or say we are neutral,” she said.

Aside from her support of the church, she is likewise an accomplice in some of the family owned businesses. For instance, she is one of the directors of a family-owned consolidated company named Wamunyoro Investments Limited.


Dorcas and Gachagua have two kids named Kevin and Keith. Their dad has frequently flaunted them on social media and communicated pride over their successes. In 2019, Keith, the last born son graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and reportedly works at Mbagathi Hospital.