EABL Releases Statement After Video of a girl Drinking Goes Viral

EABL Releases Statement After Video of a girl Drinking Goes Viral

East Africa Breweries Limited (EABL) has given a statement after a video of a lady drinking a full bottle of gin turned into a web sensation on social media

The video shows the Kenyan girl, who was supposedly celebrating her birthday, guzzling 750mls of dry Gilbeys gin as her friends cheer on.

A second clip shows minutes later when the lady seems passed out, unable to open her eyes or backing her own head.

EABL is the manufacture of Gilbeys, a gin that contains 37.5 percent alcohol by volume (ABV).

In the statement, the brewer cautioned purchasers of its items that “binge-drinking is harmful to your health and we do not condone it.”

“Binge-drinking is not cool, it is dangerous and unsafe,” the statement read.

Dr. Bosire Wairimu cautioned Kenyans that taking liquor in such copious amount is dangerous.

“How our body responds to alcohol: At 25mg/dL-You start feeling some warmth and a kahappiness, 25-40- You become euphoric with lapse of judgement, 50-100-staggering, loss of balance, slurred speech >250- alcoholic coma >450- Death,” she said through Twitter.

She said that if a person tales 750mls of dry gin with an alcohol content of 40%, the liver is overwhelmed instantly.

“So imagine when someone ingests 750mls of 40% alcohol (300mls of pure alcohol) The liver’s ability to break is overpowered. So what happens? Acute alcohol intoxication with respiratory failure (impulses of your breathing come from the brainstem), aspiration (contents of the stomach getting to the lungs), low blood pressure and heart failure (mostly due to abnormal electric activity)- literally multi-organ failure,” she added.