“Nilikuwa nimewarn Akothee asionyeshe Omosh Colour ya “Matanye” vile Imezeeka, Ona sasa aliachwa” : Kibe Tells Akothee.

YouTube content creator Andrew Kibe expressed his inability to withhold criticism about Akothee’s recent wedding despite his efforts to refrain from negative comments. During his regular show, Kibe once again took a swipe at those who celebrated Akothee’s marriage to Mr. Omosh.

In his critique, Kibe openly criticized Akothee for her choice of makeup, asserting that it did not complement her skin tone and adversely affected her appearance. Reflecting on images and videos from the wedding, he candidly shared his disapproval, suggesting that the makeup made her look as if she were unwell. Kibe speculated whether the issue was related to the intense Kenyan sun.

According to Kibe, Akothee lacked genuine friends who would offer sincere advice. He contended that if she had true friends, they would have discouraged her from using the makeup that did not suit her and encouraged her to embrace authenticity. Kibe boldly claimed to be Akothee’s only genuine friend, emphasizing that his honesty compelled him to provide unfiltered feedback.

Highlighting the alleged mistake made by Akothee and her friends, Kibe maintained that her acquaintances should have advised her against using excessive makeup, especially considering the mismatch with her skin tone. He compared the situation to someone undergoing a head transplant, emphasizing the jarring effect.

In a direct message to Akothee, Kibe asserted that she lacked genuine friends who would tell her the truth. He positioned himself as the sole authentic friend, encouraging her to seek him out for an explanation.

Despite Kibe’s initial attempts to withhold negative comments, he admitted that upon seeing the wedding pictures, he found it impossible not to express his unfavorable opinions. Akothee’s wedding, a grand affair with her European partner from Switzerland, attracted numerous celebrities, including politicians and entertainers.