Murang’a mother of 2 received life-changing offers from the former Nairobi governor,Mike Sonko

Mike Sonko expresses dissatisfaction with Mary Njoki’s KSh 10,000 salary request and encourages her to demand a higher wage.Mary Njoki, a mother of two from Murang’a, recently had the opportunity to meet her political idol, Mike Sonko. In a unique display of admiration, she had tattooed Sonko’s face on her thigh as a gesture of love. The former Nairobi governor, impressed by Njoki’s devotion, extended life-changing offers to her, including a job and sponsorship for a business….CONTINUE READING

Surprisingly, when Njoki discussed her salary expectations with Sonko, she limited it to KSh 10,000, emphasizing her willingness to work for the philanthropic politician at this relatively low rate.

In 2023, Njoki explained, “I just love him for helping people, so I decided to tattoo him so I can see him all the time. When I shower, I see him, when I wear shorts, I see him. I love him so much. I spent KSh 5,000 on the tattoo.” The long-awaited meeting between Njoki and Sonko finally took place on Tuesday, March 12.

To reciprocate Njoki’s profound display of love, Mike Sonko offered her a job and a business opportunity. This offer came after Njoki had applied for financial support to start her own boutique. Sonko agreed to her request and pledged to send his team to Murang’a to assess the potential trade stall. Once approved, he promised to stock it with goods valued at KSh 100,000.

However, Sonko was taken aback when Njoki, despite the generous offer, expressed her desire to be paid a monthly salary of KSh 10,000 for her position in his office.