Detectives Arrest 177 Suspected Gang Members In Mombasa

Authorities have apprehended 177 individuals suspected to be affiliated with a criminal syndicate causing fear among residents in Mombasa.

This action follows growing concerns raised by the local business community regarding the surge in criminal activities resulting in substantial financial losses.

Recent CCTV footage captured members of a criminal gang engaged in robbing unsuspecting civilians in Mombasa’s Central Business District.

Alice Nkirote, along with her husband James Njilu and their two children, have been left homeless and financially devastated after their home and business were set ablaze by a criminal group on April 3, 2024.

Nkirote expressed, “All that mattered to them was money. They would rob, beat, and care little about whether you were human or not. Their sole aim was money.”

Njilu lamented, “I have nothing left as our shop has been destroyed entirely. All I seek is justice, and I implore the government to assist me in ensuring those responsible face consequences and do not harm others.”

“We have nowhere to sleep; we are relying on the kindness of neighbors. We lack shelter and food. We only eat when someone helps us,” Nkirote added.

Mohammed Noor, the Mombasa County Commissioner, affirmed that the crackdown on criminal activities will persist in areas such as Kisauni, Nyal, Jomvu, and Mvita. He urged parents to closely monitor their children’s activities.