Chinese Man Abandons Lady after Getting baby With Her: “She Declined to ‘Sell’ Baby to Him”

A love story unfolded in Shagamu, Ogun State, where a man found his heart captivated by a Nigerian woman. Their affectionate relationship soon resulted in an unexpected pregnancy.

Despite the challenges they faced, the woman decided to keep the pregnancy, and she eventually gave birth to a remarkable child whose physical features bore a striking resemblance to those of the Chinese ethnicity.

Regrettably, as the man prepared to return to his home country, he chose to abandon both the woman and their child. Shockingly, he put forth a proposition to purchase the baby with money, a proposal that the mother adamantly rejected. In the end, he departed for his homeland, leaving them behind.

A video circulating online, credited to @KoikiMedia, depicted the mother and her unique-looking child in a public setting. Accompanying the video was a caption that shed light on the unfortunate situation: “This young lady was impregnated by a Chinese expatriate somewhere along the Sagamu-Abeokuta expressway. Their relationship was filled with joy until his departure, at which point he demanded she ‘sell’ the baby to him, threatening to abandon them if she refused. She bravely declined his offer, and he subsequently severed ties with both mother and child.”

Social media was ablaze with reactions to this heart-wrenching story. @MoSuo777 voiced their perspective, saying, “There is nothing that can be done. Nigerian girls should exercise caution and not rush into relationships with Asians and white men.” @NkyEzenwa questioned the lack of police involvement, asking, “Did she report the situation to the authorities? If she did, why was he allowed to leave the country without any repercussions?”