Mtaalam J. Mburu; The man who runs a one man show on Jambu TV.

Kenyans are thrilled by the fact that this man has perfected the art of running a one-man show.

He plays the roles of director, chairman, secretary, treasurer, supervisor, and worker in all his investments.
The guy has a TV station known as JAMBU TV.

In that TV, he’s the pastor, the news anchor, and the guest; most of the songs played there are his own; most of the ads there are about his herbal clinic; and not only that, he is the main character in most of the movies played in that TV.

What I am not certain of is whether he’s also the DJ at the station.Anyway, Kenya ni nchi ya ujaja.

Na ikifika uisilamu yeye ndio shehe, kwa ukatholik pia yeye ndie FATHER MBURU.