“Kama uliomba Mkamba akakunyima ujue una kasoro” Pastor Ngang’a admits to Eating over 200 Kamba women

Pastor James Ng’ang’a, a well-known and often controversial figure, continues to attract attention on various media platforms, consistently achieving a level of fame that many other celebrities could find enlightening.

In his most recent viral video, the 71-year-old pastor shared some unexpected insights. A TikTok video posted by @itsbenaa featured him revealing that a staggering number of women were drawn to him, estimating the count to be around 2,000. He emphasized that this tally did not even include female ushers or women from social media.

“The number of women who desired me was approximately 2,000, and this doesn’t account for female ushers or those from social media, among others,” he asserted.

As is customary with Pastor Ng’ang’a’s revelations, this one too elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans. Some admired his charisma and good looks, while others dismissed his claims as exaggerated and merely a form of self-promotion.

Here are a few comments from social media users:

Evergreen: “Seriously, this man is handsome. Let’s not pretend we don’t see it…”
Emmy Aimy: “Where are they now? I always feel sorry for his wife.”
User2960249505781: “Even with social distance, this guy and Simple Boy. 😂😂😂”
Tituslioyd: “Ushers hit differently, does this mean it was just the other day? 😂😂😂😂”
Jedidah: “Is he serious?”
Angelinahmwabili: “Hehehehe.”
User3152525093141: “Seriously, were you a slay queen? 😂🤣😂”

This video followed another TikTok clip featuring the pastor that recently gained attention. In that clip, the controversial religious leader admitted to having limited knowledge of God, despite his role as a spiritual leader. He explained this unusual perspective by expressing his fear that delving too deeply into the Bible might lead to his untimely demise.

“I don’t know God too well, and I’m not keen on knowing Him better because it might lead to my demise,” he stated.